I speak and do workshops all over the world on the topics of:
– The Future of Tourism, Travel & Hospitality trends ;
– Mountain Resorts by 2050: A prospective vision of business models and consumer practices ;
– Mountain Resorts business model: a new paradigm? ;
– Top 10 Digital Marketing & Communications trends by 2025 ;
– Experiential Marketing or the art of customers enchantment : what is that creates fans ? The bad news: we live in an increasingly stressful and demanding world, where people have more and more choices, but less and less time. The good news is we have gone from intrusive marketing to participative marketing. What is the recipe to make your brand or product to stand out? What is that people will move from being simple consumers to the ambassadors of your brand? What are the ingredients that will make them say « I loooove your brand or your product! » Easy, enchant them! It’s always a surprise for me to see people’s eyes to shine when I say the word « enchantment ». Nobody ever falls asleep during these talks ! 😉

The Reason Why
The great marketer Simon Sinek use to say « people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it ». So you probably wonder why I travel and speak all around the world.

Well, I started for three reasons:
I felt I had something important to say and I wanted to be the change I hoped to see in the world.
I wanted to transition from helping a few people on an individual basis to helping more people through a broader medium.
I wanted to sleep at night. As far as I can remember, I always have struggled to fall asleep. As I kept waking up at night with more ideas, I wanted to share it with the rest of the world and see if it could be helpful to others.
Since I started sharing these ideas, I’ve been advancing the vision of unconventional living, connecting with amazing people all over the world, and sleeping great at night!

I have done different keynotes and workshops. I’ve spoken at schools, companies and organizations of different sizes, including the Annual Convention of the National Ski Area Association (TX, USA), Innovation Summit (AK, USA), Destination Trysil (Norway), International Tourism Symposium (Switzerland), ISPO (Germany), Joliet School (Canada), etc.

Here are a few talks I made in the past:
International Tourism Symposium – sept. 2011: « The contributions of social geolocation in tourism » (Zermatt, Switzerland)
National Ski Areas Association Annual Convention – May 2012: “Social Geolocation: Why it matters to your business?” (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
ISPO – feb. 2013: “How mountain resorts and outdoor sports brands can use social media to engage with their customers?” (München, Germany)
ISPO – feb. 2014 : “Social media R.O.I: how to measure it to drive your strategy?” (München, Germany)
Mountain Planet – April 2014: « New digital territories & landscapes: what are the impacts on ski marketing?” (Grenoble, France)
Innovation Summit – Jan. 2015: “How French companies specialized in mountain planning develop their business through the Cluster Montagne?” (Juneau, Alaska, USA)
Design Summer Camp – Sept. 2015: « 6 ingredients to design a product, a service, a brand or a « WOW! » experience ” (Annecy, France)
Les Sommets du Digital – Feb. 2016: “Digital marketing trends in 2016” (La Clusaz, France)
Outdoor Sports Valley – Feb. 2016: “2016 Hot Trend: video marketing” (Annecy, France)
Mountain Planet – April 2016: “Digital Marketing Trends by 2020” (Grenoble, France)
Club du marketing emotionnel – Feb. 2017: “Personal branding of athletes & sports community management” (Paris, France)
Digital Montagne & Assises Nationales de la Transformation Digitale des Stations de Ski et du Tourisme en Montagne – April 2017: “Social Networks Strategy: Goals? Audience? ROI?”
2nd World Meeting on the Future of Tourism – Sept. 2017: « Future of tourism: Top 3 Trends by 2035 » (Vixouze, France)
Digital Week – Sept. 2017 : « Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in Tourism by 2020” (Saint-Nazaire, France)
Digital x Outdoor – Nov. 2017: « Digital Marketing Trends in Tourism by 2020… in Plain English! » (Archamps, France)
Mountain Planet – April 2018: Top 3 Tourism Trends by 2035 & Digital Marketing Trends by 2025 (Grenoble, France)
3rd World Meeting on the Future of Tourism – Sept. 2018: « What Will Mountain Resorts Look Like in 2050? » (Vixouze, France)
Digital x Outdoor – Nov. 2018 : « Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in Tourism by 2025” (Archamps, France)
Rencontres Euroises du Tourisme – Dec. 2018: « Top 3 Tourism Trends by 2035 & Digital Marketing Trends by 2025 » (Louviers, France)
Les Rencontres du Tourisme de Bretagne – April 2019: « Top 3 Tourism Trends by 2035 & Digital Marketing Trends by 2025 » (Fouesnant-les Glénan, France)
Mountain Next & Digital Mountain – April 2019 : « Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends by 2025 » (Chambéry, France)
Digital Life e-Tourisme – June 2019 : « Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends by 2025 » (Paris, France)