I speak and do workshops all over the world on the topics of entrepreneurship, digital communications strategy, social media, branding, experiential marketing and consumers’trends. Here are some examples of topics I have covered:

My story of starting a marketing & communication agency from scratch. It’s one hell of a story that involves everything from traveling all around the world with a pair of ski to sharing a golf game with the Canadian Minister of Justice. I’ll tell you more about it when we meet, but in short, I can say that I’ve learned more from these few years of starting an agency than I did during 8 years of university and business school. Including a string of very practical rules and useful advice.

Social Media and digital communication strategy : why it Matters to Your Business. Everybody’s talking about social media, but how does it really work and how to drive your business and influence your customers with it ? What’s the psychology behind it and how can we understand social media from an evolutionary perspective? Including practical examples and cases studies.

Experiential marketing or the art of customers enchantment : what is that creates fans ? The bad news: we live in an increasingly stressful and demanding world, where people have more and more choices, but less and less time. The good news is we have gone from intrusive marketing to participative marketing. What is the recipe to make your brand or product to stand out? What is that people will move from being simple consumers to the ambassadors of your brand? What are the ingredients that will make them say « I loooove your brand or your product Easy, enchant them! » It’s always a surprise for me to see people’s eyes to shine when I say the word « enchantment ». Nobody ever falls asleep during these lectures ! 😉

I have done different conference keynotes and workshops. I’ve spoken at schools, companies and organizations of different sizes, including the Annual Convention of the National Ski Area Association (TX, USA), Innovation Summit (AK, USA), Destination Trysil (Norway), International Tourism Symposium (Switzerland), ISPO (Germany), Joliet School (Canada), Design Summer Camp by OSV (France), Web in Alps (France), Les Sommets du digital (France), Mountain Planet (France), Les Académies du Tourisme Numérique (France), ESCP Europe, Communication Superior Institute of Paris (ISCOM), Grenoble Graduate Business School, Club Euro Alpin, and many more…

The Reason Why
The great marketer Simon Sinek use to say « people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it ». So you probably wonder why I travel and speak all around the world.

Well, I started for three reasons:

I felt I had something important to say and I wanted to be the change I hoped to see in the world.
I wanted to transition from helping a few people on an individual basis to helping more people through a broader medium.
I wanted to sleep at night. As far as I can remember, I always have struggled to fall asleep. As I kept waking up at night with more ideas, I wanted to share it with the rest of the world and see if it could be helpful to others.
Since I started sharing these ideas, I’ve been advancing the vision of unconventional living, connecting with amazing people all over the world, and sleeping great at night!